About Me

Jonathan Fredi, a Nashville, Tennessee native, has carved a noteworthy niche for himself in public affairs, with a spotlight on the energy and utility arena. His multi-faceted professional trajectory spans international relations, education overhaul, government assignments, and corporate public affairs. His remarkable professional legacy is bolstered by a robust academic foundation and an unwavering commitment to fostering social betterment. Outside his occupational realm, Jonathan's penchant for cooking, globetrotting, and fly fishing reflects his adventurous nature and appreciation of various cultures.

Professionally, Fredi's academic odyssey commenced at Louisiana State University, earning an undergraduate degree in Spanish Linguistics. This journey culminated at the University of Barcelona, Spain, with a master's degree in International Relations. During a five-year stint in Spain, he served a UNESCO division focused on educational reform, primarily for women, highlighting his commitment to sustainability and educational accessibility.

On his return to the U.S in 2012, Jonathan embraced public service, joining U.S. Senator John Cornyn's office, taking on constituent relations and Hispanic outreach roles. By 2015, he had transitioned to the non-profit sphere with the USGLC. Here, he was instrumental in upholding the international affairs budget, channeling his efforts towards international and economic development, as well as diplomatic strategies, as alternatives to Department of Defense interventions.

In 2019, Jonathan shifted gears towards the energy/utility sector with Baldwin Associates as Head of Community Engagement; his duties were diverse, negotiating gas pricing, franchise agreements, crisis management, and philanthropic fund allocation. Representing over 20 North Texas cities, he notably led a team erecting Dallas's first zero-net energy Habitat for Humanity home.

Beyond his profession, Jonathan is an avid outdoorsman and committed community volunteer. His enthusiasm for nature, manifested in hiking, camping, and fishing, dates back to his Eagle Scout days. His love for cooking and travel emerged from his time in Spain, enabling him to embrace diverse cultures and cuisines.

Jonathan’s philanthropy is wide-ranging. He supports the Cooke County United Way, and he's an active board member of several organizations. He mentors with Big Brother Big Sisters of Irving, showcasing his dedication to community development.

In his personal life, Jonathan shares his life journey with his wife Erin, residing in Aubrey, Texas. The footprints of Jonathan Fredi’s accomplishments in public affairs and philanthropy leave a lasting impression on his community and his sector. This Nashville native is a testament to a life brimming with exploration, service, and a commitment to bettering society.


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