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Head of Communications at Baldwin Associates

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Jonathan Fredi, originally from Nashville, Tennessee, has distinguished himself within public affairs, specifically the energy and utility domain. His varied career portfolio encompasses international relations, educational initiatives, governmental roles, and corporate public affairs. His impressive career history is complemented by a solid academic grounding and an uncompromising resolve to facilitate societal upliftment. Away from his professional endeavors, Jonathan indulges in cooking, globetrotting, and fly fishing, underscoring his adventurous spirit and his appreciation for multicultural experiences.

Professionally, Fredi's educational quest started at Louisiana State University, where he secured an undergraduate degree in Spanish Linguistics. This academic expedition reached its pinnacle at the University of Barcelona, Spain, with him acquiring a master's degree in International Relations. During his five-year tenure in Spain, he was part of a UNESCO division engaged in educational reforms, specifically for women, emphasizing his commitment to sustainability and accessible education.

When he returned to the U.S. in 2012, Jonathan entered public service, enlisting with U.S. Senator John Cornyn's office. Here, he engaged with constituent relations and Hispanic outreach activities. By 2015, he transitioned to the non-profit world with the USGLC, where he was central in maintaining the international affairs budget, directing his energy towards global and economic development and diplomatic strategies as an alternative to Department of Defense interventions.

In 2019, Jonathan realigned his focus towards the energy/utility sector, accepting a role at Baldwin Associates as Head of Community Engagement. His versatile responsibilities included negotiating gas prices, franchise agreements, crisis management, and allocation of philanthropic funds. As a representative of more than 20 North Texas cities, he notably spearheaded a team to construct Dallas's first zero-net energy Habitat for Humanity home.

Jonathan is an enthusiastic outdoorsman and a dedicated community volunteer outside his professional sphere. His love for nature, showcased in hiking, camping, and fishing activities, can be traced back to his Eagle Scout days. His fondness for cooking and travel was cultivated during his time in Spain, facilitating his immersion into various cultures and cuisines.

Jonathan's philanthropic work is diverse and expansive. He supports the Cooke County United Way and holds active board positions in several organizations. He also mentors Big Brother Big Sisters of Irving, highlighting his commitment to community progression.

In his sphere, Jonathan shares his life with his wife, Erin, in Aubrey, Texas. Jonathan Fredi’s public affairs work and philanthropic endeavors have impacted his community and industry. This Nashville native embodies a life abundant with exploration, service, and an unwavering dedication to societal betterment.

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